“I can hear my logic” Luck & Logic Review and Recommendations

“It is when one is purged of logic unnecessary to oneself and their self it comprised only of logic that is ideal. It is a world where everyone is granted equal potential, and no one is ever given an undeserved reputation. Wouldn’t you consider that a world brimming with hope?”

With everything that happens in the world, there is a reason for it. Luck & Logic makes a play at this in using “logic” as its basis. With a world centered around Septepia (where humans and logicalists reside) and Tetra-Heaven (where God’s reside), it creates a show focused around different types of invaders in which the logicalists (contracted through covenants with God’s) protect Septepia.

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We follow the journey of these logicalists and mainly that of one Tsurugi Yoshichika, as he fights to protect Septepia. The main story actually focuses not that of just protection but also the journey of his fellow Logicalists. With their own reasons to becoming one to what they truly desire as a person, it creates an added depth to each of the characters within the story and their overall development was nice to see.

3 5

With the concept of logic and reasoning being the main centerpieces within the story. It was really interesting to see how this concept was fleshed out. Rather than just thinking of things as “logical” and illogical”, it focused on logic being different parts of a person, whether it be there memories or emotions to show how much one factor may heavily affect ones decision making. it provided a unique spin to the more perceived common concept of “logic” and “reasoning”.

4 6

Nanahoshi Best Girl!

9 10

OP/ED: The OP and ED were the complete opposites of each other. With a rock based opening it provided a good base toward the start of the show. It focused on showing the characters and  their journey, with the title appropriately being “Story” and the lyrics suiting well to the whole premise of the show. On the other hand the ED was more of a ballad with an electronic base. It kept it simple, focusing on the characters and the covenants they were in.

12 13

Luck and Logic Was it Good?

For a show that was made based off a card game, the production and direction overall was quite solid. With a great focus on the characters it created a journey that was quite easy to follow. There were a lot of different colors used (especially on those characters) highlighting how unique each one specifically was. The overall overarching concept of the show was unique and provided a great alternative to all the other anime out there.

7 8

Recommendations: It’s difficult to similar shows based on this as its unique concepts haven’t really been explored before. Though it does have its taste of action and character development and thus I recommend the following:

  • Musaigen no Phantom World
  • Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai

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