“Happy Hour” JK Meshi Episode 24

On this 24th week of JK Meshi, the final exams are over and the girls celebrate the best way possible, with some drinks!

We kick off with Reina apparently doing well on her exams, due to her own abilities and of course last episodes ‘Temari Lucky Fortune Sushi’. Though Ruriko on the other hand, go called to the faculty office, where during the exam she fell asleep and started to recall the value of √2. The main problem here was that she had disturbed the student (Ono-chan) next to her whilst being asleep and eating her lunch before lunch time (wut). Ruriko decides that the girls should get ‘drinks’ for celebrations.

Episode 24 4 Episode 24 3

With that Reina decides to whip up her special cocktails for the girls. Using coconut juice, pineapple juice, gummy candy.

  1. Put the candy in a Tupperware dish and fill it with pineapple juice.
  2. Place it in the fridge and leave it for 1 day.
  3. Then place the gummy candy into a glass and pour in the coconut and pineapple juices.

For a celebration that takes a whole day to make a drink, maybe its not so great of a spontaneous idea, but there you have it, Reina’s special non-alcoholic pina colada!

Episode 24 2 Episode 24 1

This episode was all about what comes after exams are over, having a good drink after finals is always a fun thing to do.  Relaxing after exams is always a smart thing to do with releasing all that stress that had been pent up prior and during them.

note: I don’t condone underage drinking.



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