“Finance & Luck” JK Meshi Episode 23

This episode on JK Meshi, the girls exams are right around the corner (IT’S FINALS WEEK), Japanese youth finance and lucky food (for the exams).

With Ryouka being at the top of the grade, she gives some advice for the other two being, the day before exams you want to be relaxed. Though this is short lived while she is reading an article about Junior NISA (a tax free system meant for minors to make small investments 800,000 yen over a 5 year period, earning capital gains (No capital gains tax woohoo!) and dividends, generally used for educational purposes). Ruriko goes onto hilariously scare Reina into believing she is the only one that doesn’t know about this concept in preparation for her exams. We then move onto fortune topic, a more lighter subject. Checking their fortune, they are told to do 100 push ups and write ‘Adrian’ on your palm and swallow it. Ryouka’s lucky color is red this month and her food is turnip.

Episode 23 5 Episode 23 4

With those lucky items in mind, Reina decides to use the color red and turnips in this episodes dish, with it being called ‘The Temari Lucky Fortune Sushi’.

  1. Slice the imitation crab meat and turnip and mix them into cooked rice.

and…. that’s it. Well essentially Reina decides that you can add anything or eat anything with this dish, turning it into the sushi of your choice.

Episode 23 2 Episode 23 1

This episode was quite informative of an opportunity related to Japanese youths around the areas of finance, though it would probably be quite confusing to those who don’t have a finance background or an interest in it. Being relaxed before an exam is generally quite important and probably would benefit most people in doing their best on their exams. The dish this week was quite ambiguous in being able to add anything, but at least there is a base there.

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