“BUH-NAH-NAH” JK Meshi Episode 21

On this episode of JK Meshi we get maths personified as magic, a graduation play that embodies everything learned in school, and the tale of the legendary BUH-NAH-NAH.

It begins with Ryouka chanting “sine, cosine and tangent” over and over, as if she was making some concoction or magical spell. With this we find out that the graduation play chosen for this year was written by nobody else but yours truly, Ruriko. Nonsense abound in the play from, reciting Greek Philosophers in a spell to destroy the world to borrowed english words that businessman use (Concept! Consensus! Compliance!) to defeat the demon lord, creates a really unique but senseless play.

Episode 21 5 Episode 21 4

This weeks dish revolved around the ever so legendary fruit “BUH-NAH-NAH” or banana’s.

  1. First cut the banana into diagonal slices
  2. Cut the slice off the bread, and roll it out flat.
  3. Line the banana slices on top and add Mayonnaise
  4. Sprinkle nuts on top and fold the bread over
  5. Cut three slices across the top (score it)
  6. Throw it in a frying pan with some oil and fry till crispy
  7. Finally place it on a plate and add ice cream!

With these weird recipe and the addition of ice cream creates the legendary BUH-NAH-NAH pie. (I have no idea anymore) ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Episode 21 3 Episode 21 2

This episode was a really weird one, with concepts that are learned in school being throw everywhere into Ruriko’s play and that affecting the dish made, it was really weird. Though the pie itself looked quite tasty with the ice cream (though instead off bread I think puff pastry would also do the trick quite well).


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