“Spring’s First South Wind” JK Meshi Episode 20

This episode on JK Meshi we start off in not the usual setting, but in a park. With Spring right around the corner in Japan there are many reasons to be running around and having fun, or catching up on deadlines as a student.

Ruriko goes off on her own, trying to find something, Spring’s first south wind. It’s supposedly a fairy that can be seen during the February to March period. It then turns into a story about the 2nd and 3rd fairy’s trying to take over the first. Just like Reina and Ryouka, this story totally confused me in its point and its plot. However, Ryouka does a great job in explaining how it refers to the weather, and not fairies.

Episode 20 2 Episode 20 3

Back to Reina’s house for a spring based dish. This weeks dish was a mix of fruit, tofu and honey, slightly making it an improvised Panna Cotta. Reina decides to use Spring based seasonal fruit (Kiwi’s, apples and strawberry’s), dicing them and placing them on top of a silky tofu slab (Remove the water from the tofu first though!). After this pour honey on top, and there you have it a refreshing, healthy spring based dessert!

Episode 20 4 Episode 20 5

This episode was very Spring based and with it right around the corner, it seemed very appropriate at the time. The dish in this episode seemed quite healthy and simple to make, though I do question how tofu mixes with sweet fruits.




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