“Appreciation of the Arts” JK Meshi Episode 18

This week starts off with an appreciation of the arts, with Reina praising the opera and Ryouka the art appreciation circles Kabuki show. However, art is not for everyone, despite Ruriko’s love of Madame Butterfly, she fell asleep right at the start.

With the three needing to turn in a report on the art appreciation festival. However, trouble is abound, with Ruriko dreaming of the story, which was completely off from the original. This takes a quick segway to a talk about zucchini and one of Ruriko’s made up characters, Puccini.

Episode 18 2 Episode 18 5

Reina decides to make a Japanese dish using the zucchini Ruriko brought, this entailed using a rice cooker to make okonomiyaki. Slicing up the zucchini, tomato and bacon, pouring olive oil into the rice cooker (I don’t suggest doing this if you use a rice cooker daily) then adding what was just sliced forming a good base. Reina then added the okonomiyaki batter with eggs and water. Then simply turn on the rice cooker.

Episode 18 3 Episode 18 4

This episode was kind of short on content, with a simple discussion on the arts (which everyone has their own perspective on) and a quick meal using a rice cooker. With the dish being quite unique, it would probably taste quite nice, though washing up could be a bit more tedious than usual.


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