“Starting your day” JK Meshi Episode 17

Episode 17 starts off more on a downer with Reina not feeling that good as it wasn’t just her day.

With Reina being late to school and Ruriko just barely making it (due to her extreme pole climbing skills). The conversation shifts too the start in the morning, with it all starting in how you wake up. As it is cold in the morning Reina finds it difficult, and so does Ruriko and her 5 alarms. With the whole part of this conversation being on the outside, returning home from school, we get a different slice of the girls lives, where the conversations they have there aren’t that different from the ones they usually have at Reina’s house.

Episode 17 1 Episode 17 2

Shifting back to the inside, Reina decides to make a hot meal for a freezing day, resulting in a double corn soup. Reina makes it really simple, using corn soup powder in a cup,  then adding popcorn and pouring hot water. I can’t really say much of how weird of a combination this is (though pointing out it has 2 types of corn), with soggy popcorn not being my favorite, though apparently it does absorb the soup.

Episode 17 4 Episode 17 3


This episode had 2 settings, with the cold being the underlying theme of the whole episode. It can basically set your mood or rhythm for the day. Returning home on a freezing day to a warm cup of  soup though, makes everything better.


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