“Eheheh!” JK Meshi Episode 16

Its cold in this episode as Reina quotes Nakahara Chuuya “The snow that fell in the distance… It was like an abandoned sheep, in the distance. The snow that fell in the distance…”.

With Ruriko being good at remembering, she talks about the El Nino and La Nina affect, as Japan has been experiencing the El Nino effect, it has resulted in warmer winters, as opposed to the one they are in now. though Ruriko doesn’t know what causes them, eheheh! The conversation switches to the history of the earth (4.6b years worth), about bizarre weather events and having food when we need it.

Episode 16 3 Episode 16 4

The 16th’s episode dish was carbonara toast. Using a variety of ingredients, hot spring eggs, cheese powder, bacon, bread and black pepper it creates a snack that seems quite innovative and easy to enjoy. First of all, chop up the bacon, mix the hot spring egg with cheese powder and spread it onto the bread, then top it off with the black pepper and toast it! There wallah the most delicious thing in the universe’s 13.8b years of history! (according to Reina).

Episode 16 1 Episode 16 2

Overall today’s message was about the weather, with Ruriko telling us about not letting it affect our mood (despite how cold or hot it is). Adding to that was an innovative dish full of carbs ready to be eaten.


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