“Secrets” JK Meshi Episode 15

In JK Meshi’s 15th episode, it starts off with a nice good cup of rooibos tea, good for the soul, being full of minerals and good for a diet.

This week we get back to studying with, Reina and Ryouka focusing on Ruriko, how she studies and the reasons why she beat both of them. They discover that Ruriko writes really fast and remembers really quickly, quite optimal studying skills. Though with Ruriko being Ruriko, it was all just to create a flip book animation about neanderthals.

Episode 15 5 Episode 15 1

This week is frozen pancakes from the packet, not offering much nutritional value, but possibly a lot on the yummy yummy taste side. Though these aren’t just normal pancakes, with some super secret sauce, being sweet vinegar sauce. The sweet vinegar sauce consisted of crushed pickled plums (after removing the seeds), calpis water (1/3 of a cup) and microwaving that together. This is all topped off with some cream.

Episode 15 3 Episode 15 4

Overall this episode went back to the roots of the series in studying, getting hungry from that and eating a snack. Ruriko’s super smarts remains a secret, and Reina’s super secret pancake sauce is revealed.


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