“Lessons from the Past” JK Meshi Episode 14

Ari. Ori. Haberi. Imasogari. This week kicks off with  classical Japanese conjugations, with Ruriko getting the term “classical Japanese conjugations” with tongue twisters.

With Japanese classical literature mainly only having reference to Japanese culture, it does have a lot of comparisons and lessons that could be learned from today. The girls go on to compare the relationships back then to how they are now, with women being more lonely as adultery was a common occurrence for men back then. Ryouka does a good job in portraying the meaning of tears on a woman’s sleeves.

Episode 14 5 Episode 14 3

This episodes dish was chicken hamburg doria with dry fruits. Using Rice as a base and adding a teaspoon of butter, mixing that topping it with dry fruits then adding the pre-made hamburg (packet), placing that in the oven for 7 minutes results in this dish for this episode. Its a sort of a mixed bag with this one, with combining a staple food and some healthier additions provided for meal with lots of volume.

Episode 14 2 Episode 14 1

Lessons were learned this week in the value of the past and how that can be applied to the present. The dish was a mixed one containing a variety of different elements, it would probably one of those refreshing dishes that would be a nice throw up in a routine every week.


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