“Only the Essentials” JK Meshi Episode 13

This episode focused on the area of what is really needed when going to school. When it comes to going to school, the three different girls show their personality’s in the items they bring.

Ryouka maintained one of the most generic school bags, only having the essentials such as textbooks and pens, which was quite accurate to her personality. Reina had the essentials plus some other personal items like a comb. Though Ruriko steals the show again, taking it to a whole new level, bringing 5 toothbrushes and a personal microphone for karaoke, but it didn’t end there. With her logic she cut out pages from textbook fitting them all together, to make a more condensed version (both smart and stupid at the same time), to Ryouka’s and Reina’s surprise of how horrific the sight of it can be.

Episode 13 4 Episode 13 5

The dish in this episode was Cheese-curry fondue. Using Camembert cheese, cutting a circle in it, microwaving it (for 1 minute), removing the circle and adding curry powder allowed for a very innovative dish. The girls used pretzels as a dipper. It seems like a good party snack or appetizer.

Episode 13 2 Episode 13 3

This week was somewhat less logical than other weeks, mainly due to Ruriko. When it came down to the dish, it was quite innovative (I would probably have never thought of of try it for myself), if you like those sort of dishes.


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