Best Anime of 2015: Insert Song

Insert songs are basically songs inserted into episodes of anime, usually between the OP & ED. These songs are basically used to set different moods and tones for the viewers. They maybe quick and loud providing lots of energy, or they maybe slower and solemn to fit the more relaxing or sadder events in a story. Insert songs are important as they can make or break a scene, turning good ones into spectacular ones and this year in anime there were a bunch that just did that. With that being said:

Deirii Raifu’s Pick:

TK from Ling Tosite Sigure – Unravel (Acoustic) (Tokyo Ghoul √A) – ‘It is not us who reject the world, but the world who rejects us’

Tell me, please tell me, what this plot is all about… Exactly, who resides within me?

TK’s Acoustic version of Unravel takes the top spot for insert song this year. At the end of Tokyo Ghoul’s 2nd season, it makes the scene. The slower solemn pace to the song, adds a nice touch to the show, with it resembling the main theme of the show.With everything happening around Kaneki, it basically sums up everything that has happened to him in the story, from where he’s been to where he is now, perfectly fitting him.

Runners Up:

2) Sawano Hiroyuki[nZk]mizuki – aLIEz (Aldnoah Zero 2nd Season)
3) Ultra Tower – Kibou no Uta (Shokugeki no Souma)
Special Mentions: Nagi Yanagi – Yukitoki (Yahari Ore no Seishin Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Zoku), Amamiya Sora – Yakusoku no Kanata (Punch Line), Minmi – Hologram (Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa), SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]Gemie – X.U (Owari no Seraph)

Roto’s Pick:

Aldnoah Zero S2 – Sawano Hiroyuki ft Mizuki – Keep on Keeping on – ‘Oh Baby a triple’

“Overhead they fly high”

Aldnoah Zero does insert music the best this year, taking all 3 spots on my top list of insert songs this year. Keep on keeping on is such a great insert song as it fits perfectly within the battle sequences of the anime. High energy electronic music is always great at keeping the audience pumped. I found myself getting pumped whilst listening this by myself, in the car or at the gym so its continuity holds up, making it great.

Runners Up:

2) Sawano Hiroyuki[nZk]mizuki – aLIEz (Aldnoah Zero S2)
3) Aldnoah Zero S2 – Vers (piano version)
Special Mentions:  MINMI – Hologram (Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa)


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