Best Anime of 2015: Specials

Specials are basically extra content for a season of anime that is generally included within the Blurays or even released on other platforms such as websites. With a majority of specials expanding on the already existing story for an anime, we learn more about its characters or even other events that may have occurred. Specials exist over a vast number of different genres, and this year in anime gave us a variety of them, from comedy to action, slice of life to drama and all others. With that being said:

Deirii Raifu’s Pick:

Little Busters! EX ‘筋肉! 筋肉! Yay! Yay!’

“There is a secret in this world”

2 3

Continuing on in the next form of the Little Busters series, EX airs the other routes from Keys Visual Novel Little Busters: EX. Having played both Little Busters and EX visual novels, the adaptation felt quite adequate (it does it justice) for the story, expanding more into the universe and 3 the other heroines. It maintains its consistency with the first season focusing on an omnibus format, where each heroine gets the right amount of time to be explored. The music continues to be some really good stuff. With the main highlight being its characters, their development becomes to be the foremost reinforced aspect throughout the series and EX furthers that trend.

Runners Up:

2) To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd Specials
3) Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou:Hajimete No
Special Mentions: No Game No Life Specials

Roto’s Pick:

Little Busters EX – ‘Take me out to the ball park’

“I’m sure this will become the strength of thousands”

vlcsnap-8621-09-05-08h07m45s249 1

I don’t know if this counts, since Little Busters EX did finish in 2014, but whatever. I only watched 3 specials this year, and with Tales of Zestiria effectively being the first hour of the game, Little Busters takes the cake. An omnibus storyline with new (and recurring) characters allow us to explore the backgrounds and feelings of characters who were not part of the “little busters”. I felt this was a good idea, and it is recommended that anyone who watched Little Busters watch this.

Runners Up:

2) Tales of Zestiria: Tale of the Shepherd
3) N/A


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