Best Anime of 2015: Romance/Drama

Romance and Drama can be a fickle thing to deal with. As we watch this genre within anime, there are a variety of feelings that can be generated. Whether they be happy, due discovering ones love for each other or sadder ones associated with grief or loss. This year brought us a bunch of drama within anime, where some focused around the area of romance. Romance can be difficult to deal with, whether it be discovering ones own, or trying to find out another’s feelings, its a ride that is sure to be bumpy, and these anime did it the best in 2015. With that being said:

Deirii Raifu’s Pick:

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’

“You’re like a cat. If I get close, you’ll ignore me and go far away. If I get hurt, you’ll play around to share the pain.”

1 2

From making new relationships, to changing old ones, Shigatsu wa Kimi to Uso brought us this year along a rollercoaster of feelings. Whether it be discovering ones feelings for another or overcoming a mountain, it was done in a dramatic way. Kousei’s relationships with both Kaori and Tsubaki were both dramatic and filled with love for one another. Taking what you want (if be it from another person) takes courage, and Shigatsu taught us, that through the medium of music, the importance of discovering those feelings and the need to communicate them.

Runners Up:

2) Plastic Memories
3) Grisaia no Rakuen
Special Mentions: N/A

Roto’s Pick:

Grisaia no Rakuen – Almost Robocop Motocop

“Alison, make me some coffee”

vlcsnap-7660-09-04-23h09m14s630 vlcsnap-5577-07-31-01h05m16s839

Grisaia no Rakuen combined both romance and drama this year to be the standout in this genre. There is a change in focus across the series, to a more Yuuji centric storyline this season, with some cut-ins from the girls. 8Bit do a good job on taking the viewer on story rollercoaster, with many heavy dramatic scenes. This combined with a light sprinkling of romance and some humour from the main 5 heroines allow for exciting entertainment each week.

Runners Up: N/A



4 thoughts on “Best Anime of 2015: Romance/Drama

  1. Grisaia no Rakuen was a good anime to watch and i loved all the characters and how the storyline played out. can’t say i have seen the others but will check them out 🙂

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  2. I’d agree with the Grisaia pick. I think it has more to do with 2015 being a horrid year for romance/drama fans in general. I did enjoy Plastic Memories, Grisaia just had more “impact.” Thanks for the post.

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