Best Anime of 2015: Historical

With what happens in the past, the historical genre offers a lot of variety in which a story can be told. Through looking back we can learn about our previous origins, and now the world has shaped in order to become what it is today. Though, a lot of historical anime does focus more around action and war and this year was no surprise. With that being said:

Deirii Raifu’s Pick:

Arslan Senki – ‘This is my land!’

“Your Highness!”

1 2

The best thing about how Arslan Senki reflected a tale told within the confines of a historical culture, is how it truly took on all of the different themes and views of living in a different era. The perspective taken on topics such as war and slavery were important to note. As we watched Arslan grow up in a place out of his comfort zone, he learned as did I. With very well done battle scenes, to the very political discussions, Arslan Senki did a good job in depicting it all.

Runners Up: N/A

Roto’s Pick:

Arslan Senki – ‘A sword day, a red day…ere the sun rises!’

“The true value of our Parsian cavalry lies in their mobility and tactical flexibility”

vlcsnap-7030-10-13-00h44m31s080 vlcsnap-7629-05-20-20h22m56s036

Man was Arslan Senki good. With good character development throughout the season, and strong storytelling, Arslan Senki enraptures the viewers’ attention early on in the season and never let’s go. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire anime, from the high tension battle sequences, to even the intelligent bickering and sneaky subterfuge of the political powers at play.

Runners Up: N/A


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