Best of Anime of 2015 Awards Info

Greetings all, so it’s that time of year to decide what was the best anime of 2015. This will be spread out over a couple of days (probably 2 weeks, 2 posts per day, 2 categories per day) (it takes time to write these things :P). The format for each category would generally go choices 1,2,3 and then special mentions.

The decision criteria for me will probably quite simple, what anime I enjoyed in that category (Categories are based upon myanimelist generally). Whether it be a culmination of things, or there was a stand out + other niche factors will be taken into my decision in what I deemed to be the “best”.


Roto from #Manami #Thirsty will also be pitching in for these awards, to provide a secondary perspective on what was the best (as mine may be skewed a bit), hopefully this provides a more rounded view of anime released in 2015, that we watched.

A little bit about Roto:

Unlike Deirii Raifu, I don’t really write about anime, because as you can see from my blog, its games, sports and random stuff. I’ll try keep to how Deirii Raifu writes by pointing out the positives in each pick, but please forgive me if I am blunt on a few things, it’s just the way I am. Anyway, in some of the award categories I will provide no “special mention” to any anime which I had watched in that genre for the year. This is only because I found it not deserving of an award (I don’t give out default positions, you gotta earn it!). Anyway enough about me, onto the animuuu.





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