“Yes Your Highness!” Lance N’ Masques Review and Recommendations

“My Lady”

What if in this current world, there was an organization dedicated to training knights in order to save people from danger? You would have Lance N’ Masques. A world where continue to exist from the medieval ages, in order to serve society and get rid of the bad. The story follows Hanabusa Youtarou, his journey to find his lady to serve and get rid of his White Knight Syndrome.

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On its own Lance N’ Masques comes complete with a lot of action, dialogue and characters. The development of those characters is quick and to the point, whereby there isn’t really a struggle to understand what each character is going through and how to overcome their troubles. The episodes are set out as though new characters are being introduced every episode in order to further the story and Youtarou’s development.

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Though the show has a deeper side behind all of its white knight/help and save others forefront. With subtle references to power balances, and the struggle with politics in large organizations (Knights of the World) and their branches, it was really nice too see this added level of depth whilst watching.

7 5

The anime, ends out to be somewhat of a shounen based, superhero story whereby each character “transforms” into a “knight” through donning on the mask.

8 3

Nori Best Girl!

2 1

OP/ED: Like the show itself the OP is quite bright with its use of colors and animations. It had a somewhat gothic-pop like feel, whereby it suited the knights “medieval” theme very well. On the other hand, the ED focused more on the characters themselves and their development particularly Makio. It was nice too see this contrast between the two.

14 15

Lance N’ Masques Was it Good?

For an anime about knights and saving others, it does quite well as happy endings are abound. The added touches in depth with political power struggles were nice too see and added a little thinking towards the straightforward story. This straightforwardness though allowed for it be relaxed and easily watchable.

11 12

Recommendations: For an anime about saving those in need, protecting ones “lady” and having shounen like power-ups, I recommend the following:

  • Zero no Tsukaima
  • Hayate no Gotoku

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