“Exercise!” Ani Tore! EX Review and Recommendations


The basis of Ani Tore! EX is to teach the audience certain exercises they can do to work out. In doing this it allows for those who watch to learn different exercises they can add to their routine (if they already work out) or start (if they don’t already).

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The best thing about Ani Tore EX is that it encourages fitness and trying to be healthy. By doing exercises it allows for ones body to remain active and help stave off problems that may occur to the body if one didn’t exercise. With the added bonus of animated girls that demonstrate to you how to do each exercise through a first person perspective. This does come with a bit of fan service so win-win if you like this, and no biggie if you don’t.

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The exercises provided are actually quite realistic and can be done within the confines of ones home. Whether it be push-ups, crunches, aerobics or even yoga, the characters make it seem fun and exciting to do. Though exercises require more open spaces such as dancing or going to the gym (weight assisted machines), it provides an opportunity for those who take interest in exercising the opportunity have an insight in exercising with others.

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Asami Best Girl!

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OP/ED: There was only an ED, whereby it provided a lot  of energy towards the show. With the lyrics emphasizing different areas of exercising, it matched the anime’s whole premise. They even integrated the song and animated dance moves into the show which was a nice added touch to see.

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Ani Tore! EX Was it Good?

For an anime about exercising, it does quite well in teaching some of the basics when it comes to exercising. It provides a good fundamental structure for those who may be interested in exercising but haven’t done so. With a bit of fan service, fun and exciting characters Ani Tore EX is a sure good way to provide energy to get in the mood of exercising.

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Recommendations: Being a short, that teaches exercising there isn’t many recommendations that can be made. But if you like watching cute girls do cute things then I recommend the following:

  • Non Non Biyori
  • JK Meshi
  • Yuru Yuri
  • Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku




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