“A Tale of Two Families” Owari no Seraph – Nagoya Kessen-hen Review and Recommendations

“It’s starting to rain.”

With the 1st season done and dusted, this sequel continues on with Owari no Seraph’s story and Yuu’s life in the ongoing battle between humans and vampires.

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This season focused a lot on Yuu’s contemporary family (more so than the past), whereby strengthening the bonds between each other was one of the most significant aspects. However, when his old family was introduced to the new, it was really good too see the contrast in views between each other as Yuu becomes the middle man accepting both.

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When it came down to the action and fighting, this season had a variety of different methods of action scenes, whether they be front on battles or skirmishes, it was nice too see a lot of variety added to the mix. The animations in these scenes were also pretty good as different powers were used as well as strategy and different tactics too boot.

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Though, this season doesn’t finish off with what started and its possible for a 3rd season to be made some time down the line. It would be nice if that occurred so that more of the story and different characters can be further developed.

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Shinoa still Best Girl!

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OP/ED: With the OP being had more of an electronic base. While its title of Two souls -towards the truth- basically summed up what the whole season was going to be about, which was a nice touch. The ED was done quite well with Yanagi Nagi providing a great voice to the lyrics. The pop-ballad like tune combined with the destruction of the world and its characters was done excellently.

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Owari no Seraph – Nagoya Kessen-hen Was it Good?

For a sequel it was done quite well. With further emphasis on its characters, more detailed and refined combat and action sequences, it made the show a good action show. Along with some mysteries that have yet to be discovered it leaves a lot open for the plot to advance, making it promising.

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Recommendations: This season has a lot of shounen elements, whether it be your friends/comrades or obtaining new powers to defeat enemies it has it all, thus I recommend the following:

  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Black Bullet
  • Aldnoah Zero

2 thoughts on ““A Tale of Two Families” Owari no Seraph – Nagoya Kessen-hen Review and Recommendations

  1. The second half of the season is certainly handled a lot better than the first half imo. But yeah with Guren going dark side and joining Hiragi’ conquest of the world, the vamps now under a new ruler, the team now looking more mature and capable of holding their own against JIDA. Season 2 (or 3) will be interesting.

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