“Routine” JK Meshi Episode 12

Episode 12 of JK Meshi began with Reina questioning what the girls do from week to week, figuring that they do the same thing always, talk, cook and then eat. It leads to a conversation about trying to be different and brainstorming what other things they can do.

With Reina suggesting they do something outdoors instead of indoors for a change, it leads to what can be done outdoors. The main answer the girls come up with is sports and how they enjoy sports in general. However, Ryouka questions this and gives a pop quiz about sports, to Ruriko and Reina, revealing that they didn’t know anything. It was really nice to see this as it pointed out the differences in knowing sports or just events in general. Knowing details about a certain sport demonstrates an understanding that you like said sport, rather than just watching it, providing a deeper appreciation.

Episode 12 3 Episode 12 4

With a change to the outdoors the girls decide to go to Shibasaki Park by bike, instead of cooking they end up buying french fries after burning off some calories (which technically defeats the purpose), but these aren’t ordinary french fries. Reina adds different kinds of furikake (nori-furikakae, okaka-furikake and mentai-furikake) in order to enhance the flavor of the food.

Episode 12 2 Episode 12 1

This week was a throw up of what usually happens as the girls decide to try knew things. In buying food and adding something else to it was a nice change from cooking it themselves. It goes to show that adding a little something to something bought may make it something even better.


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