“The Jokes On You” JK Meshi Episode 11

With the winter season occurring concurrently the girls decide on a place to go to during winter break.

Ruriko does most of her senseless talking offering many different places to go to. By suggesting places such as the Galapogas Islands (in reference to Japanese Galapogas phones, where the phones aren’t made like everywhere else in the world), the Islets of Langerhans (Located in the pancreas, where the secretion of insulin occurs lowering the blood sugar levels and of course Hawaii. As you can see these were jokes or references to other places (at least the 2nd one was). It was quite nice to see Ruriko’s sense of humor as she was purposely trying to make a joke rather than her usual airheadedness. With that being said, money was needed and the girls didn’t have enough to go overseas so they settled for a day trip somewhere to a local place, or just Ryouka’s house to play cards.

Episode 11 3 Episode 11 4

This episodes dish was Okonomiyaki rice, based upon Japanese okonomiyaki, it involves placing rice, okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise together and mixing it. Adding a touch of bonito flakes and pickled ginger will provide added value to the okonomiyaki experience.

Episode 11 2 Episode 11 1

With Ruriko’s jokes now coming into full play, it was great value to the showing, knowing that her jokes were more like references and pun type humor. The dish this week seemed interesting to make, quite simple and would probably taste really good if you enjoy okonomiyaki.



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