“Carbs – Watching Yourself” JK Meshi Episode 10

JK Meshi’s 10th episode kicks off with discussion about studying again, where a lot of material has been covered. The normal routine of Ruriko being abnormally smart yet not having any common sense is back.

This moves onto watching an anime after studying till 1am, again Ruriko is clueless and describes it as something else. The anime they watched was JC Meshi, similar in production, having 3 seiyuus and a story about food. It was quite funny to see that the characters in the anime (through their dialogue) were somewhat similar to our trio in JK Meshi, though the meal was left to be desired (Baby Horned Beetle Fritters).

Episode 10 4 Episode 10 3

This weeks dish was Potato Chip Congee, it was great too see not just one but all of them pitching in together in order to make dish. It’s made by using instant rice boiling that and then adding potato chips and salt. The nutritional value of this dish is questionable, though it seemed quite simple to make.

Episode 10 1 Episode 10 2

Overall this episode added something different in both areas of dialogue and cooking so it was a nice throw up from the previous formats.



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