“Main Star Ruriko” JK Meshi Episode 9

With Christmas right around the corner JK Meshi this week has a little Christmas spice this episode.

It begins with the girls discussing different parts of Christmas in which they enjoy. All is good till Ruriko takes over the conversation in inducing ideas about what she eats and makes certain references to other not-so-christmasy events. Whether it be eating reindeer instead of turkey, placing written wishes on a Christmas tree (Instead of bamboo for Tanabata) or role playing the little match stick boy/girl, Ruriko does a good job in derailing everything and demonstrating her unique sense or jokes. It was a good laugh.

Episode 9 2 Episode 9 3

For this weeks dish, Ruriko enters the kitchen again where she makes Candy Rice, which is basically candy on rice. Unlike Tamago Kake Gohan (egg on Rice), it involves using candy instead, though with drastic results.

Episode 9 4 Episode 9 5

This week was a bit different from the previous weeks. With Ruriko being the main star of this episode it provided for a good laugh. The dish this week would probably not be recommended to try eating or even making, simple as it may seem, consumption may not yield good results.

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