“Opinions” JK Meshi Episode 8

This weeks discussion was held at a bus stop instead of Reina’s house. After going to the movies 2 days in a row, the girls discuss what they watched the 2nd time.

Instead of watching a romance movie, they watched a samurai period drama about the vassals of Ii Naosuke sought revenge against the samurai of the Mito Domain who assassinated their lord in the Sakuradamon Incident. Ryouka goes on to give her opinion in, whereby it isn’t really a love story. This triggers both Reina and Ruriko which go on to support the events of the movie, being pivotal in how Japan is structured today. It was quite nice to see after all their different opinions that they were able to accept each others views and understand where they were coming from (not like in this world).

Episode 8 4 Episode 8 5

This weeks dish was a combination of two different ones. After finishing cup ramen, an egg was added to the soup and microwaved to create Steamed Japanese Egg Custard or Chawanmushi! It shows by adding a little bit of creativity and innovation to the food that we eat may change it into something even more delicious.

Episode 8 2 Episode 8 1

Overall it was nice to see the discussion being placed in a different setting, adding a bit of variety to the series. This week was a bit more serious in everyone giving their own opinions, though there were many jokes slotted in at the right time to relieve the tension. The dish this week was quite innovative and probably quite easy to make, though I wouldn’t know how it tastes, as it depends on which cup ramen soup you use.


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