“Going Crazy” JK Meshi! Episode 7

This week the girls come back to movie, and Ryouka goes straight into how unrealistic some events were in the movie. It was quite nice to see Reina compare that to her exams, where if you were placed in a dire situation, someone wouldn’t really come save you. Though with Ruriko being Ruriko, despite how illogical she is, she says that she would help her with her studies.  Ryouka remembers how Ruriko beat her in the last midterm exams and begins to be possessed by Oda Nobunaga.

Episode 7 2 Episode 7 5

Reina decides to make some light sweets due to Ruriko fainting and then that somehow correlating with her being hungry (what?).  With that being said, this weeks dish was chocolate dumplings! Unlike ordinary dumplings, it uses chocolate as the the inside. Comparing that to the crispy fried dumpling skin outside, it looks like a really nice little sweet to eat!

Episode 7 4 Episode 7 3

Overall it was quite a funny episode, with Ryouka going insane in the first half due to Ruriko’s ability to be really smart despite being totally illogical at times. The Chocolate dumplings looked quite nice to eat, though it may be harder to make, as getting the chocolate to be the right texture inside the dumpling would prove to be quite difficult.


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