“Harem King” To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd Specials Review

“Squishy, Squishy”

These specials round out the 2nd season of To Love-Ru Darkness. With Yami going into darkness mode and reaking havoc,  it is up to Rito and his friends to stop her.

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It was really good too see that they took the ecchi, fan-service part of the show and actually integrated it to the story line. As most of the time Rito’s “lucky-pervert” acts are generally done by the hand of God, however, this time to solve the problem he has to do it on purpose.

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We get to see quite a bit of action, generally not seen through this season. It continues the use of light colors, whilst keeping things lighthearted. Most of the character development is centered around Yami and her continuing battle to find herself within this town, and a place she can fit in.

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Momo Best Girl! Again

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The OP and ED songs were the same as the season, though the ED had different animations to suit the ending of the whole season. They showed the characters after the incident and how everybody seemed happy with continuing on, a nice touch.

To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness 2nd Specials Were they Good?

Basically the specials are a continuation of the story line, finally finishing the arc. It continues all the ecchi madness, the rom-com and the building of Yuuki Rito’s harem. It was a pretty good To Love-Ru ending, here’s hoping they continue within the future.


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