“The Reality of Movies” JK Meshi! Episode 6

This week focused mainly on Ryouka and her view on movies she liked and didn’t like. the girls are planning to go to the movies and are having trouble deciding with Ryouka providing her opinion

Ryouka gives a succinct explanation as to the reason why she doesn’t prefer to watch action or horror movies. She sees the reality of the situation, where the bad guys also may have families and children. It’s an interesting perspective to take as it does provide realistic/wholistic view towards what you may watch. On the other hand, when it came to horror movies, she had the perspective of when the dead come back to do bad things, explaining that the world of the dead exists, and if she died, she would probably beat up the idiot that did it to her. Though, there were still many laughs too be had with Ruriko using her own logic to provide her own understanding of Ryouka’s opinion.

Episode 6 3 Episode 6 2

This weeks dish was more on the unhealthy side being cup udon and frozen takoyaki. Whilst, being 2 different types of food, apparently once you’ve eaten enough of the noodles, then place the takoyaki into the udon broth, it becomes Akashiyaki dumplings!

Episode 6 5 Episode 6 1

This week was more of a social week. It provided a good aspect of opinion in which some people may take when watching certain movie genres. With the dish this week being a snack and quite simple, it really showed that if you add two simple things together, it may become something greater.

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