“REEL NEET” The Real Neat Blog Award

Thanks to AinoAnime for nominating me for this. I have really no idea what was about. I thought it was because I actually had a neat blog, but in the end it’s just answering a bunch of questions. Which I’ll be inclined to do so, so here we go!

  • Answer 7 questions
  • Nominate Others
  • Give 7 Questions
  • Tell them you’ve nominated them.


1) Webpages or blogs

When it comes to choosing between the two, I guess more of a webpage. DeiriiRaifu is more of a webpage (review site) rather than a blog I think? (I could be wrong). Though I don’t mind either, because blogs give more insight to a personal perspective of someone’s thoughts about ideas or topics.

2) What is your favorite anime character and why?

So in reference to my About page, Aisaka Taiga Best Girl. This is mainly because the tsun is just as good as the dere. I think she’s a well-balanced character and the anime Toradora does a good job centering around her.

But of course with every different anime series, there is a best girl. So I have a bunch of different favorite characters dependent on the series, you can find them here at http://myanimelist.net/profile/LightTwo

10945589_825006887552808_3163514999666319790_n 11954825_1661588480722330_6389730892940839718_n

3) If you could be stuck in the anime series of your choice what would it be?

If I had to choose a series at the moment, it would be some kind of shonen. Probably Fairy Tail as it allows for something that doesn’t exist in this world, magic. I think the guild system is actually a very robust system and would work quite well in reality. Plus I think fighting and beating up people/baddies is somewhat of a lost art in this world (Reality restricts things that some people maybe talented at).


4) Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, Latte’s mainly. I do enjoy both however, so no hate here.

5) If an animation company approached deciding to create anime about the manga you have wrote what would it be about?

This one’s a tough one. With all the anime I’ve watched and all the manga I’ve read, there’s a bunch of different concepts I would use from different anime/manga. It would probably set in a world, like I guess Bleach, where it is a “spirit” based world. There would be a guild system (Fairy Tail), and basically my main character would go around solving quests and stuff (like you do in RPGs).


6) In said anime what voice actor would play your main character?

When it comes to this you gotta have Kirito right?


For a male main character I would choose, Kamiya Hiroshi (Araragi Koyomi, Otonashi Yuzuru, Levi) or Nakamura Yuuichi (Okazaki Tomoya, Kousaka Kyousuke, Gray Fullbuster) and for a female main character I would choose probably Touyama Nao (Kirisaki Chitoge, Yuigahama Yui) or Taneda Risa (Xenovia, Himeragi Yukina, Nakiri Erina) (I CAN’T DECIDE ._.)

7) Early bird or night owl.

I’m an Early bird. Wake up early get work done, enjoy rest of the day.

So for my nominations, here we go

Blog of Memories

Citrus Anime Reviews


#Manami #Thirsty


Now I gotta think of some questions, 7 of them huh? Here we go:

1) A father frog valiantly croaks “erbit-erbit”. A mother frog clearly croaks “ribbirt-ribbirt”. So, how does their baby frog croak?

2) Do you have a waifu/husbando? If so, who? If not, do you have a Best Girl/Guy? If so, who? If not, Who’s your favorite anime character?


3) You produce an anime. Name the artist/s who would sing the OP and the ED.

4) What would be your go to song in karaoke?

5) What genres of anime/manga do you tend to stay away from?

6) Hot Rod flames or bunnies?

7) Naruto, Bleach or One Piece? Which is the best & why?

Peace out, DeiriiRaifu yo!


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