“Fashion Impossible Zzapi!” JK Meshi! Episode 5

This week began with Ryouka giving her thoughts on the movie Fashion Impossible. Though, through this explanation we come to the conclusion that Ruriko isn’t normal. This came up when the girls were talking about how spies, don’t do normal things, and comparing that to Ruriko, who does things “normal” people wouldn’t think or do, such as jumping out of windows. This continued on, with how Ruriko left class through the window from the 3rd floor. She really is “different”.

Episode 5 3 Epsidoe 5 4

This dish this week as Zzapi! or what Ruriko’s family refers to as pizza. With no money to buy one, Reina decides to make pocket pizzas. Made from dumpling wrappers, pizza sauce, smoked squid (though she used fermented squid (which would make it taste a bit sour?) and melted cheese and all baked in an oven makes for a tasty quick fix meal.

Episode 5 1 Episode 5 2

It was really good that their keeping the theme of Ruriko being Ruriko and doing abnormal things from each episode to the next. The “pizza” this week seemed pretty simple and easy to make, though maybe a bit unhealthy.


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