“Grataku!” JK Meshi! Episode 4

This week we got the results back of the tests the three girls took.

To everyone’s surprise, it was Ruriko who amazingly scored 97%! Unbelievable as it is, it showed Ruriko’s talent of learning despite being able to inadvertently fool around in the process. She also explained everything from the French Revolution despite not knowing anything and stating certain facts as others in episode 1.

Episode 4 1 Episode 4 2

This weeks dish was Grataku, a mix of shrimp gratin and takuan (yellow pickled radish). With Reina doing the cooking again this week, she explains how the takuan adds texture towards the dish, adding crunchiness and saltiness to enhance the flavor.

Episode 4 5 Episode 4 4

Overall it was quite nice to see that they went back to what had happened in previous weeks, despite having only so much air time. This weeks episode was less educationally focused, and more of a calm, relaxing episodes after exams had passed. The Grataku actually looked difficult to make, but looked really delicious, kind of like a pizza.


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