“The Capital City is Potato Salad!” JK Meshi! Episode 3

This week we learned about geography and how to make really quick potato salad from potato sticks (poteto furai)!

We all know that when it comes to geography, capital cities come to mind! With Ruriko dishing out all the knowledge this week about the different capital city’s around the world, which may not seem like capital city’s due to other city’s being more famous in the country. But as per usual Ruriko shows her airheaded-ness as these are all elementary school answers. We then learn about mixed farming that occurred in Europe, with Ruriko mistaking it for a mixer. Hilarious.

Episode 3 1 Episode 3 4

The dish of this week was potato salad. With a new chef (despite being in Reina’s house), Ruriko takes the spotlight and shows her skills of improvisation, mashing potato sticks together, placing them in hot water and then kneading them. Simple, just like Ruriko. Apparently this method is just as well known as placing soy sauce on custard pudding in order to make it taste like sea urchin (interesting, though I’ve never heard of it).

Episode 3 3 Episode 3 5

Overall this week, was a fun week full of laughs provided by Ruriko, it’ll be interesting if they keep this format with every girl getting a go to show off her culinary skills. With the meals being quite simple so far, this might turn into a great recipe book for a quick snack!


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