“The Science of Mackerel” JK Meshi! Episode 2

This week focused on the area of science, where we learned about the atmosphere consisting of various chemicals but mainly, nitrogen and oxygen, and others like argon. Ruriko continues with her airheadness whilst trying to make out argon (kumagon) like a brar and writing that on her exam instead.

We explored more into Ruriko’s proposed meeting of a Neanderthal whilst in Germany. It was funny to see Ryouka react so silly to her responses as the topic got more off track.

Episode 2 1 Episode 2 2

The dish this week was Mackerel rice, again with Reina making the dish. Using canned mackerel, mayonnaise, seaweed and soy sauce, to make the dish made it seem pretty simple and easy to make. We also got some scientific facts (continuing along the theme for this week) about mackerel being rich in eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid being good for lowering cholesterol and the amount of triglycerides in your blood! (amazing).

Episode 2 4 Episode 2 3

Overall this week was actually quite informative in the way they try to explain things. With more of a longer joke rather than many jokes this week it added variety towards the series. The recipe for the mackerel rice seemed very simple so giving that a try wouldn’t be so bad.


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