On the Side: Jk Meshi! “Learning and Food” JK Meshi Episode 1

This seasons “On the Side”, which I generally don’t watch in my weekly anime-time rotation and will be reviewing on a weekly basis is Jk Meshi!

Basically, JK Meshi provides the telling of the everyday lives of 3 girls, Igarashi Ruriko, Asahina Royuka and Saeki Reina. It mainly focuses on an area of study and includes a recipe and the bonuses from eating the food they make

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This episode focused on the French Revolution in the beginning. We learn about all different things that occurred during the revolution from guillotines to Robespierre and the Thermidorian Reaction. Ruriko provides most of the jokes with her airhead personality around the topics comparing them to soccer players and the game of soccer for a good laugh.

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This weeks recipe was a special miso soup, using left over miso soup, fried tomatoes, olive oil and some sesame seeds. We were also provided some facts about tomatoes being good for the skin, olive oil in moderated amounts being good for digestion and losing weight!

1 2

Overall: I think this show might be very informative for random facts of general knowledge, so hopefully it might help with your trivia skills! With cute girls doing cute things, I guess there’s nothing else much to say.


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