“The Kindest Fist in the World” Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX Review and Recommendations

“Miracles are worthless”

Symphogear continues its story with its 3rd season Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX, as we follow the symphogear uses against a new threat, the Alca-Noise and the Alchemists/Auto-scorers.

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Throughout the season we saw the various characters in new lights as they faced challenges the related to past or current problems within their lives. Whether it be dealing with family, the lose of someone and its acceptance or just trying to be a good senior and teaching the juniors, Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX offers different paths that are explored. The antagonists were actually well done, and fit well into further extending the heroines problems. It was actually quite nice to see that they introduced a new type of enemy or “canon fodder” in this season in the Alca-Noise, creating a great alternative rather than the normal Noise already used to.

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The main attraction to this show is the combination of action and the music. The music sung by our main heroines generally matches the story at the time as well as the feelings they have. The action scenes are fluid, very bright and colorful filled with many explosions. This was complemented by how the songs matched the action so well, with fast paced action being mixed in with faster paced songs and vice versa.

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Kirika Best Girl!

10 11

OP/ED: With Nana Mizuki at the reigns of the OP it provided a great voice to an already existing music based show. The OP provided energy, and had scenes in which our heroines fought the enemy, a good foreboding for the show itself. With 3 different ED’s where 2 of them were used on specific episodes due to the certain circumstances. The main ED was more electronic and fast paced, suiting the theme of the show.

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Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX Was it Good?

Mixing action and music, personifying feelings through battle, and strong antagonists to complement the ever growing protagonists, it does a really good job in pulling all of this together. As seasons go on, the quality has only increased. The music creates an added affect towards the action, as well as the story and overall it is a good anime.

9 12

Recommendations: With action and music along with characters that develop and learn throughout the season, I recommend the following:

  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear Season 1 and 2
  • Mai Hime
  • Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

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