“The Darkness Inside You” To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness 2nd Review and Recommendations

“Care Me! Care Me! Care Me! Care Me!”

If you like ecchi then you’ll love this one. To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd season hits the screens as we follow the unstoppable falling down of Yuuki Rito on top of his friends. This season we explored more about the “trans-weapons” Mea and Yami. With Mea being Yami’s sister and how they find themselves living on Earth despite their personality and circumstances. Too make matters worse Mea’s “Master” adds a bit of drama to the scenario whilst also playing around with Rito in the process.

3 5

With a majority of the anime spent on the characters, it came to quite a bit of character development this season, not just from the main heroines of Sairenji Haruna and Lala Deviluke but others as well such as Kujou Rin and Murasame Shizu. Though hidden among this character development, is a bunch of fan service and ecchi. The way in which XEBEC balanced the fan service and the story and character development was done actually quite well, as it allowed for the whole anime to be watched easily without having to think too hard.This anime also included quite a bit of action, it could be “considered” a sub-genre towards this anime, but it was done quite well. XEBEC kept it simple and sweet without any dragged out fights, this generally helped with the pacing of the story.

12 9

At its heart this anime is a rom-com, ecchi, harem anime. Where its characters stand out the most as they deal with their feelings towards out main protagonist Yuuki Rito. It was actually quite good too see that Rito actually thought about the relationships he has with the girls and how he feels towards them. Momo also highlights this with her Harem Plan, as it inadvertently cause even deeper thought from those who may be involved about their motives towards Rito.

7 13

Momo Best Girl!

11 4

OP/ED: Ray is back with the opening and with an electronic-pop based opening about love, and caring for each other, it suited the anime’s themes quite well. The OP is colorful and energetic and introduces all the characters quite well. It also does a good job of reflecting Momo’s Harem Plan. The ED however focused solely on the character of Yami, who is generally the main heroine of this season. Whilst being slower in paced, it provided for a good ED as the lyrics matched well with Yami’s personality.

1 2

To LoveRu Trouble Darkness 2nd Was it Good?

For a leader within its genre of ecchi, it lives up to its standards already set from past seasons. This season doesn’t let down with the fan-service and if you enjoy that part of anime you’ll enjoy this anime. Along with a great cast of different characters it does a really good job as a harem and rom-com making it easy to watch. Though as the anime isn’t finished yet, the latest arc will be finished in 2 later specials.

10 8

Recommendations: With tones of fan-service and ecchi and with a great cast of characters in a harem to boot, I recommend the following:

  • To Love-Ru and To Love-Ru Darkness
  • Okusama ga Seitoukaichou
  • Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
  • High School DxD Series
  • Sora no Otoshimono

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