“Yashasuiin!” Arslan Senki Review and Recommendations

“As long as it is a man, and not a god, doing the governing, he can never be perfect.”

Arslan Senki shines with its unique setting, interesting character development and action to boot. Set in what looks like to be an “Arabic” society, not usually seen in most anime, it portrays the story of Arslan heir to the throne of the kingdom of Pars. However, with royalty comes political problems between countries and faiths. The kingdom of Pars goes to war with Lusitannia (aided by one Silver Mask fellow), where they lose the battle and Arslan has to flee. With the help of his fellow companions, Arslan then sets out on a journey to retake the throne whilst learning several lessons on his journey.

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Arslan Senki does a great job with its characters, where in mainly through their dialogue we learn the slight nuances in favoring certain individuals or “important” people throughout war. It was also very interesting to see the different “tactics” in which the proposed “court artist” Narsus, used within battle strategies. We learn that, Arslan is quite sheltered and has to mature and learn more about what it is truly like to become a good king,that in itself provides a greater depth towards the character’s relating to him, as they are not just speaking to the king, but teaching him along the way. The different political actions and or gestures throughout the anime generally show a different side towards war rather than just battles and bloodshed.

10 7

The battles however, were well animated and flowed quite well. As a sequence of events, Arslan Senki doesn’t let up on that there is a war, and there are other problems in the world because of that war. The battles are on scales which are large, and generally do a good job in representing what it would be like to live in those times. It was also great too see the difference in religions and how basically the battle between the two reflects history and realistically the world today, where there will always be a battle between faiths.

11 6

OP/ED: With 2 OP’s and 2 ED’s Arslan Senki provides a good start and end towards its episodes through. the animations are bold and reflect the anime’s themes quite well. With the OP’s providing energy from the get go it creates an added boost to the shounen, action based genre it did a good job. Whilst the ED, used Kalafinas and Aoi Eirs great voices, to contrast the energetic openings, with more simple-ballad like songs leaving a more quieter tone to the end of the show.

2 3

Arslan Senki Was it Good?

Arslan Senki for an action shounen based show depicting the trials and tribulations of a young heir rise to the throne does it quite well. With an interesting balance of wars and political insight the anime does well in offering something others may not. It is not just a 1 trick pony, with interesting characters and action to provide energy, Arslan Senki does quite well for itself.

8 9

Recommendations: With mainly action, war and politics at hand within Arslan Senki the focus is within the story and how it develops, thus I recommend the following:

  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
  • GATE ~ Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
  • Chaos Dragon Sekiruu Seneki
  • Akame Ga Kill

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