“Exploring A New World” Overlord Review and Recommendations

“Don’t You Give me your Love and Passion?”

What happens when you get trapped in another world, whilst playing a game? Log-Swor- I mean Overlord. Dive into the world of Yggdrasil and into the story of Momonga, the leader of the Ainz Ooal Gown and the Great tombs of Nazerick. With a bunch of different characters or “NPC’s” as he learns about his situation and as their leader he sets out too learn more about this world and if there were any other missing players stuck with him as well.

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Set within a game, it was actually nice to see the various “game” terminology being used within the dialogue in reference to certain actions and situations. It was also quite nice to see that the characters in which were Momonga former guild mates had unique names, adding a bit or reality towards the situation. Another thing that was quite enjoyable to see was that through the characters they placed a heavy emphasis on the world itself, being something new to Momonga, created another level that they explored. The characters (NPC’s) themselves were all created based upon their makers “desired” personality for them, and it was funny too see the different ways they interacted with each other.

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The action and pacing within the show was quite well done, with it quickly moving from scene too scene as not too many episodes were spent on a particular story or even backstory at the time. It was also really good too see that some previous events linked back to later events as the world expanded and as we met new characters. This was reinforced with the drama they placed towards the situations within the scenes, allowing for a thrilling ride for the viewer.

7 9

OP/ED: With the OP being a rock based song it added energy towards the start of the show. The lyrics were actually quite accurate in reinforcing what the whole anime was about, Momonga and how he would shape the world. The ED, solely focused on the character Aldbedo and her love for Momonga, it was actually quite funny to see the ending like this as it reflected something he did within the anime itself.

1 2

Shalltear Best Girl!

12 8

Overlord Was it Good?

Overlord actually does provide a good setup for itself to continue on with a second season. With various game like references and events it was quite nice too see that Madhouse stayed true on that point. In exploring a new world Overlord goes a bit beyond what other anime’s may have, and it was nice too see the added touch of the unique characters in this world and how they reflected it.

11 10

Recommendations: Being trapped in a new world, whilst playing a game is the most glaring aspect of this show and thus I recommend the following:

  • Sword Art Online
  • Log Horizon
  • No Game no Life
  • Btooom!

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