“Family Matters” Danchigai Review and Recommendations

“Arigatou Arigatou!”

Danchigai is a short based around the lives of the Nakano family. It mainly focuses on Haruki the only male, and his relationship between him and his sisters, Mutsuki, Yayoi, Satsuki and Uzuki.

6 7

For a short the anime does really well in trying to get as much out of its time slot as possible. With most episodes providing short story’s or gags between the characters. Each character has their own personality, and interests, whether it be an airhead, a prankster, liking anime and video games or a tsundere.

4 11

The show is colorful, very lighthearted and comedic. Though through this comedy we see the characters interact and slowly develop over the season. There are no overlying dramatic tones, it keeps it simple, focusing on their daily lives, making it easy to watch without worry.

12 8

Yayoi Best Girl!

10 2

OP/ED: This short didn’t come with an OP (probably because of the air time), but the ED changed throughout the season, to focus on the character at hand in that specific episode.

3 5

Danchigai Was it Good?

For a short anime, it was done quite well, keeping it simple and sweet and about the characters.

Recommendations: In being a comedic short based on the daily lives of people, I recommend the following:

  • Onee-chan ga Kita
  • Non non Biyori
  • Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

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