“Do what you want cause a pirate is free” Denpa Kyoushi Review and Recommendations

“Time to begin the Lecture!”

Basically Denpa Kyoushi is about an otaku who turns into a teacher due to his sisters constant nagging to find a job. We follow the life of Kagami Junichirou, an otaku who only yearns to do (YD) what he likes. Through his story we meet a variety of different students who may not be seen as acceptable within society or who have problems, that have been made themselves or forced onto them. He learns to become a teacher and help solves these students problems.

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The show is set in an omnibus-like format, the only thing different is that the story continues and the world doesn’t reset. Every couple of episodes was used to focus on a certain characters problem, whether it be the cross-dressing Koutarou, the anime voice Kanan or the mysterious idol Kiriko etc…etc.. The format used was quite nice as it allowed for depth to be added to characters in their development. It was also quite funny to see that Kagami gave each of them a different nickname based upon their personality or niche.

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Some of the problems were not ordinary problems. But it was nice too see that they focused on Kagami’s personality on yearning to do something you like or find amusing. The show provides lesson with that being the main one, good sense for a an anime with a teacher as its main character.

7 8

OP/ED: With a 2 cour season it gave us 2 different OP’s and ED’s, all in which were kind of the same, creating consistency in how the show began and ended. With both being bright, colorful and full of energy.

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Denpa Kyoushi Was it Good?

Denpa Kyoushi personifies what it is like to do something you like to do and the lessons learned within the show, may be invaluable towards the learning process throughout high-school or even in life. With the format, it adds great depth towards the characters and an easier understanding of each situation, not creating confusion.

Recommendations: With lessons learned and a variety of characters with unique and eccentric personalities in which their problems get solved, Denpa Kyoushi is essentially a learning experience, thus I recommend the following:

  • Great Teacher Onizuka
  • Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

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