“YOUR TIME IS UP, MY TIME IS NOW! NOW” Infinity Dreams Award


Thanks for the nomination LacieRoseve!

So what is this? A basic run down


  • List seven dreams. (They can be personal or website related.)
  • Nominate seven other bloggers/authors for this award and notify them.

7 Dreams Here We Go

  1. To be able to end the world
    1. This world sucks, society sucks as do some of the people in it. However, there are good people out there, and in my life there haven’t been many I have come across. Thus I dream of this happening.11707511_1472277173071379_6967029485737527223_n
  2. To be able to discover and go to another world/universe/dimension
    1. This world may or not be better than another, but it is the adventure and willingness to go into the unknown without any standards or expectations that makes this the most appealing.
  3. To introduce the concept of there not be any racism as we humans are 1 race
    1. When things come crashing and burning, and we the human race have to unite, this will happen. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem possible in the foreseeable future with all the fighting.11202573_1679055882330234_2260644623695426426_n11209631_481724295312966_6079855435093316281_n
  1. To learn another language (well that took a turn)
    1. I think learning a different language allows you to increase your perspective of different events. With the ability to say something in different ways it really helps you on getting your point across to someone in the right (or even wrong) way.
  2. For something I enjoy to be a viable career path (currently it is not)
    1. I believe everyone should be able to do something they love for a career. However in the society we are in today, this is not possible due to all the social stigmas everyone places on each other.
  3. To write enough and get famous enough via the website or YouTube to be noticed by someone in public
    1. This is a little niche thing I would enjoy. If I was with others that didn’t know I wrote stuff or did stuff on YouTube, it would be funny to see some random person, come up to me whilst in a group of friends and see my friends all confused.
  4. To be able to take off the mask
    1. I’ll leave this one to your imaginations…



  1. CroitzDCat
  2. #Manami #Thirsty
  3. TheAnimeSheikh
  4. AnimewithAlex

Have Fun! 😀


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