“Prison Break” Kangoku Gakuen Review and Recommendations

“Shaddup! Don’t Touch my Grasshoppers!”

Silliness abound, here comes Kangoku Gakuen (Prison School). The premise is set when a group 5 male students try to peep on the female students at Hachimitsu Private Academy, a boarding School that has recently gone co-ed. We follow Fujino Kiyoshi (Kiyoshi), Andou Reiji (Andre), Morokuzu Takehito (Gakuto), Nezu Jouji (Joe) and Wakamoto Shingo (Shingo) as they get caught and are sent to “prison”. However there is a threat looming about in the Underground Student Council consisting of Kurihara Mari, Midorikawa Hana and Shiraki Meiko, where they try to expel the boys from the school. Will the boys break out? how will they challenge this ever looming threat? are just some questions in which the story explains itself.

8 3

The premise is fun and interesting “what would a prison in school be like?” is the question you ask yourself. Like any other prison it isn’t fun, toiling through hard labour everyday, a price to pay. But it is not without failure that this anime puts in a great effort in demonstrating the relationships and bonds between the characters as they are tested. It was always nice to see the interactions between the prisoners, the Underground Student council and the common students like, Kurihara Chiyo and Yokoyama Anzu. It was nice too see how realistic it was at times with the girls being the light for the boys when dealing with dark times in prison

4 5

At its heart, this show is a comedy with a bit of ecchi, though trying to portray it as dramatic, it comes off over dramatic.With the correct music playing when a certain scene played adding to its effect. It was also good too see that the effort for comedy is prime in this show with the many different gags and situations that come along when the characters interact with each other.

6 7

Hana Best Girl!

9 11

OP/ED: The lyrics of the OP and ED really suited the premise of the show. That is living life as a male student whilst in prison. They were mainly used to show the variety of different characters within the show, albeit showing the girls off within the ED.

1 2

Kangoku Gakuen Was it Good?

For a comedy Kangoku Gakuen is a great anime, it exemplifies itself with its gags and the interactions between the characters. Whilst coming off as over-dramatic (I think they were going for this effect), it creates its own tension within the show and its story. This creates a wholesome balance within the show making it an easy and fun ride.

Recommendations: With overall hilarity and comedy along with some over-dramatic tones and ecchi moments, I recommend the following:

  • Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (For the Jokes)
  • Gintama (For the Jokes)
  • Mangaka-san to Assisstant-san to The Animation (For the Jokes/Ecchi)
  • Deadman Wonderland (For the Prison)

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