“A Fitting End” Jokuamachi no Dandelion Episode 12

The final episode. This episode maintained its format with it being split into 2 parts, the days right before the election and the election day itself.

Episode 12 1 Episode 12 3

With most of the troubles out of the way, we see see each sibling before the day of the election. It was nice to see that the confidence between all members was there, that they had confirmed their resolve and had nothing else left to give. Unless you were Aoi.

Episode 12 5 Episode 12 4

We transition to the actual day, where Aoi announces her withdrawal from the election. It was nice to see that they added humanistic value towards her decision making, being with her power, it wouldn’t make a great leader. Toruble arises with a falling blimp and it is up to the family to save the day. With their variety of powers, the family redirects the blimp to safety and nobody is injured. It was quite touching that they could work all together as one, demonstrating how much they have matured, it was also quite nice to see Shuu, slip in some words as he buttered up the audience, helping his election campaign (you sly dog you~)

Episode 12 6 Episode 12 7

Overall it was a fitting end towards the season, I won’t spoil who won the election but it seemed like an ending that was quite acceptable. With the collaboration of powers and the strength of family bonds, this episode demonstrated the anime’s strengths throughout the season.

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