“Mouthwatering” Shokugeki no Soma Review and Recommendations

“Glad you liked it!”

Shokugeki no Soma portrays the story of one Yukihira Soma on a quest to become one of the best within the culinary industry. For that, he has to pass the rigorous testing grounds of Totsuki Culinary Academy (Totsuki Saryoryori Gakuen), a famous international culinary school in order to be accepted.He eventually meets a lot of people, as through is journey he learns more and more about the culinary world and what it takes to truly be called a chef.

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Shokugeki has a lot of characters within the show, each with their own specializations for cooking. This bountiful cast of characters allows for the show to “show-off” what its mainly about, the food. With bright and colorful animations with good reactions from eating the food, J.C Staff has done a really good job in exemplifying how the food would taste, leaving the audience wanting to try some.

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But that is not all that is done well, with the music adding in that extra bit of excitement at the correct times. When something epic is about to happen or when there is a heart-felt moment, the music adds on to these situations in some of the best ways. The pacing within the series is actually really good (and if you were wondering, they adapted the manga quite well), with a 2 cour season, it felt like just the right amount of time needed to flesh out most of the story. However, it is a long story, and leaves us on a cliffhanger, though ending the show in a correct manner.

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Alice Best Girl!

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OP/ED: With 2 rock based OP’s, the tone for Shokugeki was set from the beginning, these OP’s brought excitement for the show, providing energy for the viewer, so they might be more absorbed into it. It was nice to see the contrast between the two as well with the 1st OP being more bright and the 2nd being more dark. The ED’s were similar to the OP’s with one being more colorful and bubbly whilst the other was more dark. They really suited the ending, as they were more softer and less energetic and it felt like the show was coming to an end.

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Shokugeki no Soma Was it Good?

Out of all the cooking anime I have watched (there aren’t many out there), Shokugeki is the best. With the ability to actually show the audience the food and describe how it tastes wonderfully, it’s doing its job right. Along with a great vast of characters and possibility the ability to recreate some of these dishes, Shokugeki does its job really well, as we travel along Soma’s journey

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Recommendations: Shokugeki places a lot on the “emphasis” factor, where the is a lot of emphasis on peoples reactions. With colorful tones, a great cast of characters and a journey to increasingly look forward to in the future, I recommend the following:

  • Toriko
  • No Game no Life
  • Ben-to
  • Gin no Saji
  • Koufuku Graffiti

Note:It is possible to make some of these dishes, there are recipes in the manga


9 thoughts on ““Mouthwatering” Shokugeki no Soma Review and Recommendations

  1. Shokugeki no Soma is my favourite manga and anime. I am hoping for a Season 2 but that will probably take at least a year. There isn’t enough material in the manga for now.

    The anime actually ended with a cliffhanger episode. The autumn election should have gone on to semi-finals and then the finals. I won’t post any spoilers here, so if you are interested, go read the manga.

    As far as food manga goes, Shokugeki no Soma tops the list. By the way, there are actually some food manga out there that never made it into the bestsellers list and died premature deaths. And that’s because the authors of those failed food manga never bothered with research like whoever did the research for Shokugeki. You can tell the author or researcher put in a lot of effort. Throughout the anime or manga, they scattered little gems of wisdom about cooking for the readers to pick up.

    Gems like using honey to soften tough meat, selecting spices for curry, interesting recipes for egg dishes and so on. You like fried chicken? They have a delicious recipe for fried chicken in one of the earlier episodes.

    I watched Ben-to. Loved it. Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be a sequel. Either the sales didn’t go well for that particular title or there just isn’t new material to work on.

    Oh yeah, if you are a fan of food manga, try “Shota no Sushi”. Not 100% sure about name but should be close enough. Rather than cooking, it is about sushi. The author, like the author for Shokugeki, also did a lot of research on sushi-making. Very interesting to read if you like sushi. They even have a live action drama out there.

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  2. I too, think Shokugeki no Soma is the best food anime I ever watched. In manga, it’s very interesting but no color so it can’t release max power, but when I watched anime, anime team can grab me to sit and watch even if i’m so hungry while watched this. Then let’s discuss about inspiring dishes of “Food Wars!” that might catch people’s eye (in anime and manga)

    – Which dishes that will CATCH your eyes?

    – Or do you have other inspiring dishes in your mind?

    Warning: please don’t proceed this in nighttime, or else you will be hungry.

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    1. I think the dish that caught my eye the most was his first one, in being something so seamlessly easy to make along with looking pretty nice, with all of that glistening egg and jelly on top made it really appealing.
      I look forward to how they animate all the other dishes from the manga in the future, but it’s hard to decide.


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