“Fall in Love” Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Review and Recommendations

“All OK!”

With a bountiful cast of girls, not just ordinary girls, MONSTER GIRLS! Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, depicts a world where the human world and other worlds have collaborated to introduce “monsters” into human society through the, “Cultural Exchange Between Species Act”. We follow the protagonist Kurusu Kimihito (or Darling/Goshujin/Honey/Master/Dana-sama/Aruji-dono) and his everyday life with these monster girls.

10 3

At heart this show is a harem, and quite an enjoyable one. With a variety of different monster girls ranging from Lamias (Miia), Harpys (Papi), Kentaurus/Centaurs (Centorea), Slimes (Suu), Mermaids (Mero) Arachnes (Rachnera) and Dullahans (Lala) and their different personality’s makes watching it ever so more fun. However this does not come with its fair share of drama, where there is a non-violence pact against “monsters” hurting humans but not the other. We also see different problems with Monsters not being able to integrate well into society.

4 5

At its heart this show provides a lot of different romantic and comedic moments. It was always funny too see Kimihito on the verge of death when interacting with each of the girls. This was mainly due to the fact that they were just trying to show their affection for him, making it more sweet to watch. This anime definitely shows its more bubbly, humouristic, lighthearted side as most of the situations within the show are generally very silly and not to be taken very seriously.

6 7

Mero Best MonMusu!

13 16

OP/ED: The OP is fantastic, it depicts everything the show is about, monster girls falling in love with the protagonist. This is done very well with a variety of bright colors helping it maintain its lighthearted side. As opposed to the ED, where it is more dark but shows a different bunch of monster girls, the one’s who protect the peace and do more of the “dirty work”.

11 12

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Was it Good?

For a Harem/Rom-com it does very very very well. It is a thoroughly enjoyable watch as it is very easy with not many overlying confusing plots. With a great bunch of characters it does very well for a harem, one of the best even. With its bright characters and their personality’s, to the use of very bright animation and silly situations Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou can be considered to be a great anime to watch.

8 9

Recommendations: In being a harem with lots of girls, maintaining its positivity through the season, along with bright colors, characters and an overall lighthearted story, I recommend the following:

  • To Love-Ru
  • Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa
  • Rosario to Vampire
  • Date A Live
  • Kore Wa Zombie Desuka
  • Highschool DxD
  • Sekirei

15 2

note: There are several versions of the OP (7) 1 for each of the girls and the main one (which I thoroughly enjoy!) be sure to check them out!


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