“Pizza Sauce” Charlotte Review and Recommendations

“Why am I only myself, and not someone else?”

Charlotte is the newest project/anime kicked off by key and P.A Works. With Jun Maeda writing the main composition of the story, it is expected that this would be an emotional, compelling story along with some humor and supernatural elements. The story follows Otosaka Yuu, and his ability to take over peoples body’s, albeit for a couple of seconds. We follow his journey as he learns of others peoples ability’s that are only accessible during their teens.

10 4

As expected the story has its ups and downs, its a roller coaster ride filled with a variety of exciting highs and despair lows. Combined with a healthy dosage of comedy, it made Charlotte something that was sought of an “all round anime” making it easy to watch. This fit really well with the pacing each episode, as the season moved on the characters started to develop really well with the seriousness of the situation. We learn that there is research being done on those with ability’s leading to testing what is really “human”, and questions about “human testing”. Though this show is like all of Maeda’s productions, with the “lows” of the characters making the show a feels ride at times.

SCelG 7

P.A Works does an exceptional job with its animation, their fluid, bright and solid making it easy on the eyes. Along with the music it creates an added element towards the personality of the characters making it easier to be more absorbed into the show. The work spreads over a variety of genres, and with each little genre added it adds a bit more to the pie each time.

 11 9

Ayumi Best Girl!

3 6

OP/ED: Lia has always been one of my favorite artists and its nice to see her in another Key production. The OP isn’t as energetic as others, which is a good thing as it matches Lia’s voice really well. Along with the smooth transition between scenes and added droplet affects indicating its supernatural elements within the show was done really well. The ED shined through its still like animations, as it felt like the show was coming to a close, making it fit right in place. With a variety of ED’s the main one stood out the most (as it was used the most), the other 2 shone in their own as they portrayed the characters in which they represented really well.

1 2

Charlotte Was it Good?

Charlotte in the end was a pretty good anime. With a story that gave you the best of both emotions, some of the best animation quality you can get for this type of genre and the music to match it, Key and P.A works have done a great job on this project.

9 5

Recommendations: Charlotte invokes emotions, like all other Key and P.A works with a compelling story, nice animations and matching music I recommend the following:

  • Clannad & Clannad Afterstory
  • Angel Beats
  • Little Busters
  • Steins: Gate

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