“Pieces of a Puzzle” Durararax2 Ten Review and Recommendations

“Oh, if you sigh happiness will run away from you! And where is the happiness that gets away? Inside the salmon roe!”

Durararax2 Ten begins its second cour of its second season, following the events of Durararax2 Shou. Still following what is happening throughout Ikebukuro, this season we are introduced to even more characters from before, whilst some return to Ikebukuro after leaving.

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Durarara has always been a series about its characters and their interactions. Each person has their own story to tell, whether it be a different one from someone else or just a whole new perspective on an already existing story. This season doesn’t let that down, as with the introduction with new characters, we see a totally different view of the balance within Ikebukuro. This season generally focused on the return of the color gangs as well as everyone’s favorite group the Dollars as they get mixed up with the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia).

3 5

It was really interesting too see the dialogue between characters as well as the below the surface political power battles in which occurred when characters from different factions met. However it was also nice to see some main characters remain faithful towards how they worked, not letting the changes affect them whilst others changed dramatically.

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Maju Best Girl!

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OP/ED: The OP had more of a rock-based introduction. It  suited the ongoing anime whilst introducing the characters themselves. The animations really matched the theme of the show as it zipped around Ikebukuro. The ED is simpler, leaving what is really the bare essentials and what the show is about, the characters. The way the characters hang of each other (as with other seasons) reinforces the connections between each other, essentially what the whole anime is about. They were both done really well.

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Durararax2 Ten Was it Good?

When watching Durarara it is always good to know that there will be a great cast of characters and in this season the interactions between those characters really shines in the dialogue and writing. Along with the right music played at the correct time to increase the mystery of the overall story. We were left at a cliffhanger, but that just increases the hype for the next season in January 2016 and hopefully we learn more about how everyone role fits into the grand scheme of things.

10 11

Recommendations: With a great cast of characters and one of the best story’s delving into mystery and the interaction of those characters I recommend the following:

  • Durarara Previous seasons
    • Durarara
    • Durararax2 Shou
  • Mekaku City Actors (Kagerou Project)
  • Mawaru Penguindrum
  • Monogatari Series

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