“The Other Side” GATE ~ Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Review and Recommendations

“Are you Stupid?”

What happens when a random structure appears and then people from another world invade your country? We have “”GATE ~ Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. Following the actions in which he saved others from their deaths after, Japan is invaded by those from another world, Youji Itami is sent to the other side to investigate that new world. There, Itami leads the 3rd Recon Team for the JSDF (Japanese Self Defense Force), where he encounters new wonders in this world in which Japan has never seen before. Through his journey we meet, a merry cast of characters (girls) from beyond the gate, Lalena Lelei la an apprentice mage, Rory Mercury a demigoddess and apostle of Emroy the God of Death and Tuka Luna Marceau a surviving elf after her village was destroyed by a dragon.

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Through this show we see a variety of different obstacles in which comes with discovering a new world. It was interesting to see the political predicaments that may occur such as rights over the land and the different political structures between the humans of Earth and the humans/sub-humans of those beyond the “GATE”. With its fantasy like creatures such as dragons, nekomimi and other sub-human race like species, GATE does well in exploring the differences between those and how the heir achy in society has developed. It was also nice to see how those fantasy like features came to both be blessings (“Dreams come true”) or dangers (“Flame Dragons”), and how Itami and his squad dealt with them.

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When there is an invasion, there is war. As those beyond the GATE are actually behind in Japans technological state, they are completely obliterated when opposing the JSDF. The action scenes are smooth and fit well into how war or an “invasion” would occur. This is offset by the less serious side of characters rather than those who have experienced disparity by war, providing a unique view towards the situation that is “war” itself.


Lelei Best Girl!


OP/ED: The Op does a great job in providing an energetic theme towards the beginning of the show, where it demonstrates the pictures of war between the two sides, as well as introducing the characters themselves. With the ED, showing the 3 girls what it is like beyond the gate, with a mix of flashing lights and colors whilst traveling in a military vehicle, provides a great contrast to something that is new to someone but yet restricted due to the political and military boundaries for the two sides.

11 10

GATE ~ Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Was it Good?

GATE in itself is a great anime, with a slowly developing plot of political power as well as the balance of military strength between the two different “worlds”, it adds an extra element to that of discovering a new world. Its lighthearted and comeidc side does shine through though where it interjects at the right points to provide a serious but also not so serious vibe to the show, making it easy to understand and watch.


Recommendations: With political power at play, and a more realistic view of how things might play out when discovering a new world, along with many fantasy like themes I recommend the following:

  • Outbreak Fantasy (Discovering a new world & Fantasy)
  • Zero no Tsukaima (Fantasy & a new world)
  • Log Horizon (Discovering a new world & Fantasy)
  • Arslan Senki (War & Politics)

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