“Breaking the Meta” Gakkou Gurashi Review and Recommendations

“Are we really living, or merely just staying alive?”

Gakkou Gurashi portrays a world in which 4 girls and their teacher live in and their lives throughout school. This show comes with a huge twist as we initially see the world through the eyes of Takeya Yuki, a senior at Megurigaoka Private High School and her compatriots of the School Life Club, Ebisuzawa Kurumi, Naoki Miki and Wakasa Yuuri. However, this world may not be seen as believed to be, in the eyes of the others, its a disparate world ravaged on the edge of an apocalypse with a zombie outbreak. With dark themes mixed in with moe characters it provides a combination in which is hard to pull off but extremely works.

7 8

Lerche does an excellent job in portraying what Yuki sees and how it contrasts to what the current situation is. Demonstrating a somewhat “broken” mind is difficult to do, but they pulled it off completely between the interactions of the characters themselves. It was nice to see that the others left her to her on whims rather than trying to “fix” her, the humanity in this situation is kept until plot twist after plot twist starts to develop the show.

4 3

The pace of the show was done really well, with the aspects of the School Life Club (to live a normal life) and the ongoing danger of the school being broken into and their lives threatened being balanced really well. The animation and the colors in which they used to contrast this excels and further reinforces a good anime production with a compelling story line.

5 6

Kurumi Best Girl!

11 12

OP/ED: The animations in the OP slowly changed each week in order to match what was going on in the story line as well as Yuki’s slow progress into accepting the situation. This was done really well, and it was really nice to watch the OP every episode to see the difference in comparison to past episodes. This was done as well with the ED, portraying what had just happened in the episode and the effect it had on the story line. The slow, yet ballad like theme played really well into the situation, a long with the several different EDs in which they used to suit what was explored each episode.


Gakkou Gurashi was it Good?

Gakkou Gurashi? It was fantastic, superb. Lerche deserves applause for its production of this anime and how well it does to facilitate the differences between a mind that sees a disparate world, and a world that could have existed. With the ongoing development of characters towards the situation throughout the season and how they adapted to different challenges, it is a journey in which is worthwhile watching.

Recommendations: With a combination of moe, an dark apocalyptic themes Gakkou Gurashi provides a compelling story, good music and a great combination of characters and their development, thus I recommend the following:

  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
  • Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
  • High School of the Dead (For the zombies)
  • K-On (For the Moe)

note: This show broke the 3 episode rule for me, after the 1st episode.


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