“Equivalent Exchange” Chaos Dragon Sekiryuu Seneki Review and Recommendations

“This “curse” of creating and breaking is something we humans bear”

Chaos Dragon Sekiryuu Seneki portrays a country after the affect of war, where it has been torn apart and its political structure shattered. This was mainly due to the “Red Dragon” going insane, where each country controls a “Dragon” that affects the lands growth as well as magic. We follow Ibuki, heir to the throne, after an incident he is thrown into the political battle between two the countries of D’natia and Kouran fighting for rights over the land. However it also remains that their is a neutral party investigating the reason why the “Red Dragon” went insane.Through this journey, Ibuki gains the power from the Red Dragon to kill anyone as long as he sacrifices someone precious to him in exchange.

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Throughout the anime we learn through Ibuki the value of life and whether or not the life of one is worth another. It is through his journey that many lessons are learned, not just through war but through the political actions behind it. Connect and Silver Link does a great job in not just showing one side of the story, but through different characters the different views of country’s, where it not just a victor through war who will remain triumphant but the words beneath their actions that mainly controls what may or may not happen within the country.

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The anime comes with a bountiful amount of action scenes and with Ibuki’s power, there are bound to be some deaths along the way. With the anime killing off characters, it gave an interesting plot twist as well as something that is not generally seen within anime, making it unique in its own way.

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Meryl Best Girl!


OP/ED: With a rock based OP, it really highlights the action that is shown within the anime. When combining this with the solemn ED, it matches well with the themes shown in the anime with the value of life and deaths of others.

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Chaos Dragon Sekiryuu Seneki Was it Good?

For a show that portrays the aftereffects of war and the political strife behind it, Chaos Dragon Sekiryuu Seneki is a good show to watch. It was interesting to see the motives behind the countries and how the characters either carried out or rebelled against that motive. Chaos Dragon Sekiryuu Seneki does a good job in demonstrating the value of life whether it be used to take another or just to simply survive.

Recommendations: With a vast amount of characters, choc-full of action scenes and a political-power struggle behind it all, I recommend the following:

  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Arslan Senki
  • Akame Ga Kill

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