“Strawberry Jam Toast” Kuusen Madoushi no Kyoukan Review and Recommendations

“And the cake was delicious!”

Kuusen Madoushi no Kyoukan portrays a world that is on the brink of destruction, where there are now floating cities in the sky for humanity to live in. This was mainly due to armored magical insects infesting the land. Humanity has learned to combat the insects that attack their city’s through the use of “sky wizards”. We follow the lowest ranked and worst fire-team  E-601 consisting of Whitale Misora, Eisenach Lecty and Flamel Rico  and their instructor, Kanata Age as they learn to become better, rise through the ranks and stop the magical insect threat.

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This season mainly consisted of making the pieces of a team work together. We learn that one of the most important parts as working as a team is understanding each others roles, trusting each others as well as learning each team members certain nuances. Through the characters we learn this and it is nice to see the progression they make throughout the season leading to a tournament between teams, to decide who is the best.

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This is not without the invasion of the magical insects however, as we see several different weapons and powers use throughout the show. The action scenes seem fluid enough and matched well with the variety of different colors in which were used.

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Lecty Best Girl!


OP/ED: The OP suited the anime well, with a pre-battle like theme towards it, it felt like everything before a boss fight within a game getting you pumped up to watch the anime. This was done well in contrast to the ED, with the ED being a more mellow theme, soothing and relaxing as the show came to a close. A great choice for both OP/ED, both setting up and complimenting the pace of the anime.

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Kuusen Madoushi no Kyoukan Was it Good?

Kuusen Madoushi no Kyoukan provides good character interactions and lessons in which anyone can learn about the problems and successes when working in a team. With a distinct story setting, this show provides a good setup for what may be to come in future seasons.

Recommendations: If you enjoy harems mixed in with a bunch of action with sci-fi themes I recommend the following:

  • Juuou Mujin no Fafnir
  • Black Bullet
  • IS:Infinite Stratos
  • Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

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